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The Appeals Convenor investigates and provides advice to the Minister for Environment in respect to appeals made under the Environmental Protection Act 1986. This includes appeals on a large range of environmental decisions, including environmental impact assessment, permits for clearing native vegetation and conditions applying to certain industrial and commercial premises.

The Office of the Appeals Convenor aims to manage the appeals process efficiently, effectively and fairly, without legal technicality or formality.

Please download this form for all appeals made under Part VII of the Environmental Protection Act 1986. (pdf 98 kb)

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Recent Decisions
Appeal in Objection to the Decision to Grant Clearing Permit CPS 7393/1, Lot 410 Plan 216960 Brown Street, Busselton
Publish Date: 24-OCT-2017 04:17 PM
Appeal Number C005 of 2017; Appellant: Busselton Dunsborough Environment Centre Inc; Applicant: City of Busselton; Proposal Description: Clearing of four native trees for the purpose of recreation; Ministerís Decision: The Minister partly allowed the appeal; Date of Decision: 24 October 2017
Appeal Against Amendment of Licence L8492/2010/2 Redgate Holdings Pty Ltd, Part Lot 2 on Diagram 65863 Redgate
Publish Date: 12-OCT-2017 05:12 PM
Appeal Number: 003 of 2017; Appellant: Lyndon and Christine Rowe; Proponent: Redgate Holdings Pty Ltd; Proposal Description: Redgate Lime Quarry; Ministerís Decision: The Minister allowed the appeal in part; Date of Decision: 12 October 2017
Appeal against Amendment of Licence L6162/1986/15, Austral Bricks (WA) Pty Ltd, Military Road Bellevue
Publish Date: 09-OCT-2017 05:09 PM
Appeal Number: 097 of 2016; Appellant: Austral Bricks (WA) Pty Ltd; Proponent: Austral Bricks (WA) Pty Ltd; Proposal Description: Appeal in objection to amendment of licence for brickworks at Military Road, Bellevue; Ministerís Decision: The Minister dismissed the appeal; Date of Decision: 9 October 2017
Appeal against refusal to grant clearing permit CPS 6728/1 - Lot 6628 on Plan 208576 Torbay
Publish Date: 04-OCT-2017 11:06 AM
Appeal Number C004 of 2017; Appellant: Matthew Swainston; Applicant: Matthew Swainston; Proposal Description: The clearing of 12.1 hectares (ha) of native vegetation for the purpose of grazing and pasture; Ministerís Decision: The Minister dismissed the appeal; Date of Decision: 2 October 2017
Appeals in objection to conditions of works approval W6020/2016/1 Liquid Waste Facility Lot 783 Pile Road Forest Hill
Publish Date: 02-OCT-2017 03:39 PM
Appeal Number: 017 of 2017; Appellants: Philip Maurice Drage; Clive Drage; Proponent: O.S.I.B. Pty Ltd; Proposal Description: Construction of a liquid waste facility; Ministerís Decision: The Minister dismissed the appeals; Date of Decision: 2 October 2017